Talent Mapping & Sourcing

Strategize to identify potential talent and plan talent acquisition.

A Data-Powered Process

Talent Mapping enables HR and Business leaders to take a proactive approach in building the capabilities of short, medium and long term Talent Acquisition.

Through our three core services: Mapping, Candidate Sourcing, and Intelligence, we help Software, High-Tech, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing companies translate their needs into a route map to strategize on talent needs.

We scan the market, research key players in the industry, and identify top talent within. We help you solve the puzzle, connect the pieces, and put them forward.

Our Data Will Enable You to Strategize On…

Why Talent Mapping?

Goes beyond active candidates visible on the internet or databases.

Allows customized findings ensuring updated and accurate information in each search assignment.

Provides a thorough picture of certain industries, companies, teams.

Via screening we conduct the initial time consuming screening, leveraging clients expertise and internal recruiting teams only with the on-profile + interested candidates.

Who Benefits from It?

Internal Recruiting Teams

By getting lists of candidates ready to be approached or ready for an in-depth interview.

Business Leaders

As they get market intelligence, using talent market data for pipelining, benchmarking, or restructuring purposes.

Our Process Is Tailored to Support HR and Business Leaders Making Informed Decisions

We allow your internal recruiting team to focus on strategic projects while we take care of lead generation, mapping, and sourcing.



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