HEALTHCARE & Life Sciences Recruitment

For Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and BioTechnology Talent

Recruitment for the HEALTHCARE & Life Sciences Industries

Life Sciences and Healthcare are undergoing rapid expansion and while numbers look promising, the organizations hiring talent face several challenges regarding hiring, but most importantly, retaining talent.

Life Sciences and Healthcare clients

We are one of very few firms that can hire at scale on a quick ramp. Hiring is all about who wins the talent first, and working with high urgency, we address this through our easy, no-hassle approach to talent solutions and RPO services. As a pioneer in RPO with 40 years of track record, we’ve received accolades for our recruiting capabilities for recruiting key talent in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and medical device industries. Our Senior and Principal Recruiters have the background and experience for fulfilling global roles within heavily regulated industries.

Areas of Specialty:

REGIONAL, On-Demand, Technology-Driven TALENT Solutions

At Bertoni, we combine our networking depth in Healthcare and Life Science talent, to onboard talent for our clients going through a significant hiring ramp. Our agile and flexible approach means that we can quickly start immediately after the intake call and focus on your priorities — identifying top talent to execute on your product development, clinical study, quality milestones, or new commercial strategy.

Key Benefits of Working With BERTONI

After an initial assessment of your needs, we develop a customized, all-inclusive recruiting solution, that addresses your talent acquisition gaps. A well supported Talent Acquisition Team you lead, working collaboratively with the expertise and outreach we provide will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage over the war for talent.